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The Wisdom of the Road Gods

The Wisdom of the Road Gods is described as:

Hilarious, brutal, insightful, and remorseless, his tales delight and appal – often at the same time. A deeply flawed creature carved from wicked stubbornness, you’re invited to join him in a series of quite terrible, but equally side-splitting, tales of his exploits and confessions.

Love him or hate him (there seems to be no inbetween) Boris can sure string words into a readble yarn. Reared in the hard lands of inner Sydney, the son of European migrants, Boris got kicked in the arse and made to grow up...Hard. His youth was lived the same way but... somehow he avoided a long stretch in the bighouse and mastered the English language, growing up (mostly) into a prolific and accomplished writer.

His third book delves a bit deeper into dark zones few motorcyclists experience.

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