Thermalz Pantz Ladies S

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Highly Recommended
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Thermal underwear for female motorcyclists

Womens thermal underwear. Fine Merino, made in Australia

The best way to keep feet cosy is supply them with warm blood.

  • Aussie made, top quality ultra fine Merino wool thermal underwear.
  • Designed by a rider who doesn’t let the weather stop him.
  • Warm and comfy.
  • Our Thermalz are designed for the posture, position and varying activity level needed while riding a bike.
  • Very light weight, they wick moisture away from the body, integrating well with modern fabrics that are waterproof but breathable.
  • Have boxer shorts sewn in for extra support and warmth.
  • The waist band is broad, comfy and high backed.
  • Long cuffs from ankle to mid-calf reduces the bulk of boots, socks and leathers.
  • Ladies cut Pantz without the fly.


180 gr, 1 x 1 rib merinostate
Like Mr Ford said "Black, black or black".
High cut rear, wide but soft elastic, boxer shorts sewn in (womens too).
Long ankle cuffs to stop that bunching of socks, boots and pants.

Small about size 10

Medium about size 12-14

Large about size 16

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