Thermalz Topz XS

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
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Non itch, fine Merino thermal under wear for motorcyclists.

Australian Made, non-itch Merino thermal underwear for motorcyclists, travellers, skiers, workers and most active pursuits.

High quality, PPE quality Australian, 18.5 micron Merino wool.

Designed and cut exclusively for bikers by a rider who doesn’t let the weather stop him.

Amazingly lightweight, compact, thermally regulating and cleverly designed. Works in the cold and hot conditions. Wicks sweat away from the body.

We all know that the key to staying warm is efficient, high quality layers. This is the place to start!

The best thing about superfine Merino for travel is that it doesn't build up a whiff. I have worn mine for a week and still get a cuddle from them as must be adored.

Wear it on its own, it looks like a longsleeve T Shirt.


Merino State Rib 1 x 1 18grm at 18.5 micron
Half Polo, wear it folded so it is like a T Shirt
Extra length and long cuffs
Double layer front to guard against the cold
Single layer, extra length plus shirt tail design.
Care instructions
Machine wash, line dries rapidly, label in side seam not neck
Moderate across the body, designed to fit snugly
Large size - 350 grm

These garments are meant to be worn snug against the body.

They stretch a lot across the chest and have plenty of length in both arms and body.

X Small 80 - 85cm
Small 85 - 95cm
Medium 95 - 100cm
Large 105 - 110cm
X Large 115 - 120cm
2X Large 125 - 130cm
For custom sizes contact us.

User Reviews

  • 20 years of Cold riding

    Your thermals are by far the best I have ever used in 20 years of riding in cold conditions, used currently (July 18) every day, your designed helmet liner and neck warmer are also excellent products and I highly recommend them to any serious motorcyclist. Simon Bescoby.

  • Great service, great product

    The merino Thermal Topz is a great product. Very comfortable and warm without being restricting. I can see this top being used in many roles other than just as bike gear. This will be perfect as a first layer for winter golf as well. Both my passions covered by the one bit of kit! The service from Andy Strapz has been superlative. I ordered the product online on Sunday night, and it arrived in the Sunshine Coast Qld on Tuesday afternoon. I had trouble registering on the website, mentioned this on the "contact" page, and got a hand written note from Andy with the product. It is a small thing, but has a big impact. Excellent work.

  • Excellent thermal underwear

    This top really delivers - having that extra length down my back really makes a difference. I've had the top and the long johns for a month now - bought them with the idea I'd only be using them for riding and I'd wear out my old cheap thermals for general winter use here in the Blue Mts. After my first test with them I ditched that idea as they are so good that they are my everday thermals! Great design - long back, good arm length and love the extra bit at the neck too. Highly recommended

  • Andys' Summer Update

    Yes, folks, I am a cynic… You may not have guessed. I set off from our Mornington Peninsula home at pre-sparra in my Thermalz top. The plan was to change at the smoko stop in Euroa. As I was comfortable, I didn’t and pressed on. My riding mate and I cut through Kelly Country, Beechworth, Granya, across the Murray on the punt and rolled into the Jingellic pub with the onboard thermometer reading 38 degrees. The blurb that comes with fine Merino is packed with superlatives about temperature adjustment, wicking and comfort. “Bullsh1t”, I called, “It’s good but please, they are having a lend when it comes to 25 degrees plus… surely!” Chuck me Farley, I was stunned. Yeah, it was hot, there was no way to change that but when I got going the way the fibres of the wool wicked was nothing short of astounding. A cotton T-shirt cools via a damp spot, the Thermalz seemed more like an area of a radiator. So much for the cynicism, wrong again. I wore my Thermal top for the full trip. Of the five days away only the last leg home was below the 30 mark. I reckon I covered 250 clicks of dirt road and worked a bit during that time, the bloody thing didn’t even smell used! Tom’s T-shirt was rank at the end of day one and he changed to Thermalz and reported the same findings as we rolled into Bathurst half-cooked. Performance WAAY beyond what I expected.

  • Thermalz in Summer?? Yup!

    Something told me I should give this idea a try. Very surprised (and cool) to survive 380 km in 38 degrees with Thermalz inside my Held suit. Remarkably comfortable heat protection, however counter-intuitive that might seem. Not so effective I found under 32 degrees on the return - but I already know Held does a remarkable job in that space with just a T shirt. Adding Thermalz - nothin' else and no whiff - over 35 degrees is worth the effort!

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