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Sometimes the bike just has to travel like the dog; in the back.

We keep getting asked for bike tiedown straps and have fiddled around here and there but I've never been happy with the outcomes.

Why continue trying to reinvent the wheel when we could get experts to do it for us.

AEROFAST has been the market leader of Motorcycle Tiedowns in Australasia for more than 25years, it made sense to get them to make them for us. AEROFAST were one of the pioneers of the "soft loop" strap which goes over the handlebar to eliminate the need for a hook to be in contact with the handlebar, thus minimising any risk of damage

These motorcycle tiedowns are possibly the best available.

Rated at 700kg per strap, two in a pack.

Please note, the straps no longer have Andy Strapz woven into them. Black and white.



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