I've spent a lot of k's in these pants and I'm very pleased to offer them to you.

They are well tailored, amazingly ventilated and comfortable. Held have really thought these pants out. Vents communicate with each other to get the best air movement. The inner-outer liner idea is a cracker.

Use the Goretex® liners as outer rain pants, to keep the outers from "wetting out" in really dismal conditions. Imagine wearing rain pants yet keeping the vents of the pants open underneath!

 Ladies cut available

Please email to inquire about availablity.

All garments come with a free mail return sticker. You are welcome to exchange as many times as you need to, we pay for the first one.

Don't take notice of the "Out of Stock" line. I do have a good selection of sizes and colours but Andy Strapz and Held Oz struggle to keep all sizes, of all colours, of all items in stock all the time. Flick us an email and I'll check what's available here at Strapz HQ, Held Oz or in Germany and get back to you. In reality it takes a couple of contacts to get the sizing as close as we can so it is actually a better way to look after you I think.


Held have a strange way of naming their gear. These should be called Carese 2 Pants I reckon. They are made to match and work with Carese Jackets.

As part of our testing programme two of us here at Strapz HQ have put some 15,000km into these suits. I've given mine a serious workout with a 9,000km trip in 18 days taking in all but the very hottest of weather. I had dust, mud, rain, sleet, sun and tumbles (a couple while not even on the bike).

Develped using Held's 70 years of experince Torno Pants ll ooze class and thoughtful features.

Made to be as close to a 4 Season suit as possible they have placed the most emphasis on airflow at the expense of outright warmth to be honest. For us here in Oz it makes the best sense. With the addition of Thermalz I was well cared for in the cold.

Ventilation is excellent with pockets converting to vents and communicating with those adjacent to get an airflow system. Double runner zippers in the lower leg allows air to access the knees too.

Discreet waist band adjustment, calf straps and double catch fly closeure makes these a top end garment.

Outer shell
DuPont® Cordura 500D (100% polyamide)

COOLMAX® breathable mesh inner lining (100% polyester)

removable GORE-TEX® 3-layer technology inner jacket
can be used attached inside or over the jacket

PITTARDS® leather anti-slip seat patch
Zips & velcro at ankles
button fixtures for optional braces (Art. 3057)
4 external pockets
air-vent zippers
magnetic closure pockets double as air vents
stretch panels at knees
double leg adjustment
high waisted with adjustable velcro flaps

Connecting zip
3M SCOTCHLITE™ reflectors
EN 1621-1 CE-approved height-adjustable SAS-TEC® 3D knee protectors
pocket for optional Held cloverleaf SAS-TEC® CE-proved coccyx protector , art. 9315
optional hip protectors

S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL
Larger sizes 4 and 5 XL in black only.

It's can be a bit nervy ordering stuff like expensive clobber off the web, I get it.

That's why I don't list the stock on hand. We need to sneak up on this and get it as right as we can first time.

So, what we do is communicate back and forth 'til we both think we are on the same page.

Exchange is always never a problem as long as the goods come back in new condition.

Not all sizes and style are held (sorry....) in Oz all the time and Murphy plays havoc with any forward planning. Held are a huge company in the EU and US so we tend to get the left overs (as usual).

Click here for the sizing info page.

Phone 03 9786 3445

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