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Trangia Ultra Lite systems

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One of the best know cooking systems on the planet is now at Strapz HQ

This mob have been making a simple and effective camping cooking device since 1951. I've used one on and off over the years at it has always proved light, easy to use, reliable and simple.
We have one in the shed that's got to be 25 years old if it's a day. There are no parts that can wear out.


What's in the box Ultra Light
1 - Burner 1 - Simmer ring 1 - Windshield upper and lower 1 - Pot grabber 1 - 18cm Lid/Frypan 2 - Bowls one graduated one not 1 - Strap.
What's in the box Ultra Light - Hard Anodised
1 - Burner 1 - Simmer ring 1 - Windshield upper and lower 1 - Pot grabber 1 - 18cm Lid/Frypan hard anodized 2 - Bowls hard anodized, one graduated one not 1 - Strap.

This is what Trangia reckon

The Trangia burner is an ingenious original product, often copied but never bettered. The silent burner has a simple, durable and safe design, easy to light whatever the weather. The spirit burner takes up little space and weighs less than a gas burner.The simmer ring is used to regulate the heat, which saves fuel and is used to extinguish the flame.

The heart of the storm-proof stove system is the two-part windshield. The ventilation holes in the lower windshield are turned to face into the wind to increase the oxygen supply to the burner. If the wind becomes too strong, the stove is turned to maintain the required flame. The Trangia burner runs on Tenol or methylated spirits, which are cheap, safe and readily available. The combined frypan/lid can be put on top of the pan to speed up heating and save fuel. The stove stands stable, with the pan on the supports recessed into the upper windshield. The supports are turned upwards when the frypan is used.

ULTRALIGHT Aluminium is a lightweight material that conducts heat well. Trangia aluminium stove systems spread heat quickly and evenly. This means that food does not, for example, burn and stick to the centre of the frying pan. In addition, the hard surface means that the systems are very resistant to scratching and wear. Ultralight aluminium is 50 % stronger than ordinary aluminium. Consequently, less material is required to manufacture the stove systems. As a result, they are lighter.

The Trangia stove is reliable, without unnecessary parts that can go wrong or be adversely affected by cold. The stove is quick to set up, and packs into a compact unit that takes up minimal space.
Hard anodized pots are more resistant to scratches, corrosion and wear. Furthermore, the treatment makes the stove systems easier to clean than untreated stove systems.

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