Ultra Light Synmat ULM

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Brand: exped
Condition Part of Andy's own kit


Ultralight super compact Syn Mat UL from Exped

Exped Ultra light Synmat, comfort in a compact insulated sleeping mat.

Saves space and weight without giving up on comfort.

Please note, no stock in Oz until March. To secure yours please flick us an email.

This mattress has surprised the hell out of me.

I initially dismissed this ripper as being too flimsy.

What I didn't know then is what it was like to use. As the hand of fate would have it I was "forced" into needing to use it one weekend, I was amazed at just how comfortable and easy to live with it is. It's now my mattress of choice, it's ridiculously compact and light.

The Ultralight Mat is about the size of two cans of beer and weighs less. I can blow it up by mouth ( but recommened, use the included Scnozzle bag to prevent the mat filling with a science experiment). I've used it in some pretty cold conditions.

For the majority of Aussie applications the -4 rating is more than enough insulation from the creeping cold of the ground.

Honeycomb Gripskin for next to skin comfort. Laminate is air tight and imprevious to hydrolysis
Use the Schnozzle bag to prevent build up of beery breath inside.
Seperate inflation and delfation valves. deflation valve features one way flap valve to allow easy firmness adjustment
Texped - micro fibre loft. R Value 3.3, rated to -4 C
UL M 475g, UL LW - 595g
UL M 182 x 52 x 7cm. UL LW 197 x 65 x 7cm
Packed size
UL M 24 x 9.5cm (1.7 litre) , UL LW 27 x 11 cm
2 years

I - Sleeping mat

1 - Schnozzle pump and dry bag in one

1 - Repair Kit

User Reviews

  • Neil Wilson

    What can i say, Andy was right the ultimate camp bed, after using self inflating pads, thin bulky and uncomfortable Exped are the ultimate, pillow inclusive and pack size is perfect for adventure travel. Problem is its to to get up and start the day

    3 weeks ago
  • Alan Brown

    Hi Andy, the Exped and pillow are awesome and I must say the Schnozzel bag is a winner thank you.

    4 years ago

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