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Double D Ring Strapz

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  • Tough Acetel nylon D rings.
    Australian Made
  • 130 cm long.
  • Mighty tough 25mm polyester webbing.
  • Suppliers representatives are often gob smacked as I take a new fixing clip they want to sell, into the factory and attack it with a hammer. If it “passes” this test I consider using it.

Often we only need simple straps to hold light, soft gear to our bikes. I tend to try to strap my wet weather gear in an accessible place. Often the Double D ring strapz are used for  items like keeping fuel cans still. Generally best for soft luggage items that "give" a bit.

User Reviews

  • Small, cheap and as tough as nails.

    I have been using these for years now and have recently just purchased more. Simply put, when travelling, I can't live without these strapz. They are so simple to use, can be joined together to lengthen, they are super strong and safe. I use them for securing gear on my bike, on the top of my camper and for loads in the back of my 4wd. Did I mention securing timber and the like to the roof racks. Can you tell I'm a convert. They are great. That simple

    2 years ago

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