Royal Enfield 650 Traveller Pannier, Liners and Frame Set Deal

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
Ships: We are being smashed with orders at present, it may take a while to make yours, allow three weeks, sorry.


Soft luggage for Royal Enfield 650 twins

Australian Made saddle bag panniers system for Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor and Continental GT

Compact, lightweight and tough 17oz ripstop canvas bags and micro support frame.

More info on the Traveller Panniers CLICK HERE

Our hand made support frame is designed to look good, be quick to fit(and remove) and work!

Please allow 3 weeks for us to make yours

Mild Steel tube, satin black powder-coated, weight 1 kg (complete)
Slash cut base, 17oz Australian Made rip-stop canvas, NZ made Acetyl nylon fittings.
less than 3kg - yes that's bags and frames, the complete set

Most mobs fix the liners in their bags permanently, to me that makes no sense.

Liners that fit perfectly but are instantly removeable makes much more sense. I can whip the contents out of my bags, chuck 'em in my tent and bugger off to fetch a case of beer in a flash.  

Oh, they make for a waterproof system too.

Many riders have other pursuits like canoeing, hiking and the like, they already have dry bags to use as liners, all good, use them. Ours are a perfect fit however.

We suggest one of each colour to stay (at least a little) organised.

1 set (L and R) Traveller Panniers, all attachment straps.

1 set Andy Strapz made mild steel tube pannier supports. Use existing fixings on your bike.

1 Orange and One Silver/Grey Liner if chosen

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