Safari Tank Pod Small Hole Harness

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
Ships: We are currently being smashed with orders and can't keep up. There may be a three week wait for us to make yours.


A Pod like tank bag for Adventure bikes

Pod style Tank Bag for Adventure Bikes

A new approach to the "enduro" tank bag.

The idea was to create a bag that got in the way as little as possible.

While a tank bag is a compromise on an Adventure bike it is often one that is well worth making.

I've come up with a unit that is designed around my long range DRZ 400 Safari tank with the high top. My goal was to make a useful size bag that would allow me to ride standing but not have my masculinity threatened each bump.

I then set about adapting it to fit larger bikes like my V Strom because I found it so useful.

Small Hole Harness - Small hole harness to fit plastic fuel tanks such as Safari, IMS and Acerbis with a screw cap.


Large Hole Harness - Large hole harness for 'aircraft' style fillers on most larger Adventure bikes

Fits all BMW GS series, V Stroms, KTMs, Africa Twins and more.

  • The harness fits beneath or around the filler cap, around the steering head and under the seat.
  • Designed to be out of the dance floor (ballroom) while standing.
  • The bag and harness don't need to be touched when refuelling.
  • The bag opens at the top providing a "bucket" like compartment.
  • High strength #10 chain zipper with elasticated, stress control (not you the zip!) pullers.
  • Rain/dust cover permanently attached and tucks away under the bag.
  • Fuel stable 500 denier Cordura® fabric.
  • Reflective highlights on the side
  • Padded sides and base of the bag.
  • Clear map pocket on top.
  • Colour inside so things don't get lost in the half light.
  • Simple, stable, lightweight and robust
  • 5 Year warranty.

Spare harness available to fit your other bike.

We are being smashed with orders at present, it may take a while make yours, allow three weeks, sorry.

500 denier Cordura® with waterproof membrane
Unique filler cap and seat design. 25mm ladder loc buckles for harness to bike. 20 mm side release clip holds bag
3 Litre
Waterproof cover
Tucks away under the bag, won't fly away


There are two choices of harness

Small Hole and Large Hole

Small Hole fits almost all long range aftermarket fuel tanks with screw filler caps like Safari, Acerbis and IMS.

Large Hole fits lots of bikes with the large flat 'aircraft' filler type.

Here's the ones we've checked

  • BMW 750/850, 1200/1250 GS range
  • KTM 790, 890, 1090, 1190, 1290.
  • Honda Africa Twins
  • V Stroms
  • Tenere 700


Choose between a Safari Pod with;


Large Hole Harness for 'aircraft' style fillers on most larger Adventure bikes.

Used on R1200GS BMW, KTM 1190 and 790, V Stroms and Tenere 700.

Should fit most large capacity Adventure and Touring bikes.

Contains harness, Bag and a Loop just in case.

Or Small Hole Harness

To fit plastic fuel tanks such as Safari or Acerbis with a screw cap.

Contains harness, Bag and a Loop just in case.




User Reviews

  • Fantastic little bag

    Just fitted a Safari Pod to my KTM 790r Did a 6500k trip in Qld up to Karumba across to Cooktown etc. this tank bag is perfect doesn’t get in the way at all and you can refuel without moving it. Great stuff Andy I’m going to get another harness and use it on my GSA 1250 as well.

    1 year ago

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