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SASTEC back protector

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Smart armour is the future, I wouldn't use any other kind.Andystrapz-approved-logo.gif

SAS-TEC Armour is an innovative producer of protectors (body armour) with many years of experience in this sector
A Market leading brand. CE-approved, soft and comfortable with extraordinary dampening values. Unlike most protectors, SaS-Tec items are not developed to deal solely with heavy impacts. As well as offering excellent protection in these kind of accidents, SaS-Tec protectors ensure that, even in the case of a low kinetic energy impact, the damaging forces are still effectively damped.

A simple example we have all experienced is mixed up cornflour. When you push gently into a thick paste your finger will slip easily into it. Whack it and it turns hard.

These protectors are trimable.


S (26 x 34 cm)
M (28 x 42 cm)
L (28 x 49 cm)

Most adult males and females take Large


KN6.7 Level 2

EN Certifcation 1621-2:2014

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