Exped Schnozzle Bag Medium

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Brand: exped
Condition Andy Strapz Tested
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Medium Exped Schnozzle Pump Dry Bag - Yellow.

When beery breath is just a bit too much.

I have an Ultra Light Exped mat and the years of blowing it up by mouth has left the inside looking a bit like a science experiment. A challenging looking growth of all sorts of critters and vegetables have set up house in it.

The use of a Schnozzle Pump would have pretty well made that impossible.  I guess that's why I use and abuse all the gear on the website.  Now I know what not to do!

Use it as a super light dry bag or bag liner when it is not pressed (sorry couldn't resist the pun) into service as a pump.

  • Pumpbag doubles as a waterproof roll-top stuff sack, a pack liner and a pillow in a pinch.
  • Pumbag features an integrated Schnozzle valve at the bottom that connects to valve on air mattress; to use as pump, loft the sack, seal, roll and push air into mattress
  • Designed for use with Exped pads that do not have an integrated pump, such as the Exped SynMats
  • Taped seams hold the line against the elements
  • Weighs only 40 gm

I can fill a Ultralight 7M Mattress with two bags full! So quick and easy.

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