In these pages we will try to give you as much infomation as we can to help you decide how to fit the product you have been looking at.

If you already have some of our gear, you will be able to get a reminder on how to get the best performance from them.

A lot of effort and time has gone into designing Andy Strapz bags to fit as many bikes as possible.

This is what we think sets us apart from the rest.

Expedition Pannierz

The panniers will fit across the seat or under it depending on the bike and your preference.
Join the velcro and sling the bags across the bike. The smaller straps attached to the seat straps are to prevent the panniers riding forward. Wrap them around a grab rail or similar then return to the seat strap velcro.
Adjust the joining straps to get the panniers to sit on your bike the way you want them.
The bags will sit best when they are full, closed and the clips on the main straps are joined around them.
Loop the thin strap at the base of each bag behind a cycle part to stop the pannier bags swinging outward as the motorcycle is leaned. If this doesn't fit, you'll notice a tape loop that will help you thread some other strap through to do this job.
Check the panniers for the first couple of kilometres after fitting them, especially the first time.

Please follow the pre-use fabric care instruction on the page supplied.
"Reproof" is available from Andy Things.
Ensure that the panniers don't rest on unprotected body or frame parts. The combination of weight, movement and road grime may cause damage to finishes.
Fit the panniers and straps so they cannot make contact with the rear wheel. The panniers may be damaged, cause a fire or they may interfere with the normal operation of the wheel causing accident or injury. Your motorcycle may need modification to accommodate the panniers safely.
When removing or attaching the panniers to the bike take care to avoid the straps of the panniers touching hot parts of the bike, eg. exhausts. Check that the straps are clear of hot cycle parts during riding.
Balance the weight in each pannier for optimal bike handling.
Check the panniers at regular intervals to ensure they are securely fitted, have not moved or become unsafe.

Small light items only should be placed on top of the panniers between the bags and the straps that encircle them. These straps should be fastened at all times when riding the bike. They are integral to the way the bags are supported.
Total weight of each loaded pannier should not exceed 10kg.

Expedition PannierzExpedition Pannierz
Click here to learn more about frame options for Expedition and Avduro Pannierz
A and AA Bagz

Fitting instructions

Your new bag needs some basic care to give long and trouble free service.
Prevent the strapz on the bag touching hot parts of the bike such as exhausts and mufflers as they may melt. Tuck them under the bag, back into the little pockets or under the storm flap.
Tie a half hitch in the main straps below the double D rings to reduce the chances of them working loose.
When strapping the bag to the bike, work the strapz to take up slack and give a snug fit. There should be no loose sections of webbing that may tangle in cycle parts.
Check at regular intervals as settling of contents may loosen strapz.
Position the strapz to prevent forward and sideward movement. Aim to have the bag at the apex of a triangle in relation to the strapz.
In wet weather we recommend that the items inside be packed in plastic bags to prevent them becoming damp.
The oiled canvas type will need re-oiling at intervals. The more you use it, the more frequently it needs re-proofing. Be guided by the colour. If it looks faded and crazed, oil it! Use the oil designed for oilskin coats, Driazbone, Renapur dressing or Belstaff wax. An hour in the hot sun helps to redistribute the oils through the fabric.

How they fit to the bike

Simply pass the 25mm (1 inch) webbing straps through grab rails, pillion peg brackets, sub frame, indicators or fender mounts. To get a perfect fit some bike may need Loopz (see below). They provide extra anchor points. Most of the time only one is required. If your machine has under seat exhausts Hot Loopz (see below) will do the trick.

The possibilities are infinite. Then thread the webbing through the double D rings sewn to the rear of the bag.

It is that simple. We provide two choices of D ring sets so that you can use the bag in compression mode (the top set) or like a top box if it isn’t so full.

These bags have done hundreds of thousands of kilometres in service over the last eight years and the mounting system is reliable and proven.

A and AA Bagz A and AA Bagz
A and AA Bagz A and AA Bagz
A and AA Bagz

A and AA Bagz


 Tank Bag

This bag will fit on most fuel tanks or pillion seats.
Use the selection of strapz to fit the harness to the motorcycle securely. You may like to protect paint work with tape or clear film. (We like clear book covering film from the newsagent). Bend the metal to a sharp angle for best results.
When used as a tank bag, slip the long strap at the front of the harness around the steering head. We prefer to slip it through the frame near the steering head. Make sure you don't impede the steering action or you might fall off!
Position the bag on the harness and line up the velcro. Now do up the side release clips to secure it.
To fuel up, undo the front clip and flip the bag backwards on to the seat.
Trim the strapz to suit by cutting and sealing with a match or lighter. Please don't burn or blow yourself up!

The strapz inside the bag will convert it to a backpack. They are not designed for too much weight or to be comfortable over a long period of time. Don't carry it about if it's heavy (over 5kg).
Place the rain cover on the bag when necessary. Slip the front harness clip through the small loop inside the front seam of the cover. Pull the elastic cord tight. The rain cover is designed to keep the worst of the weather off the bag while riding. If you leave the bike in the rain, remove the tank bag.

Tank Bag