Bucket Bagz Fortress Oilskin and 16oz canvas

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
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A tough shoulder bag that will be a joy to live with.

Heavy duty canvas courier style shoulder bag

Austalian Made quality

This my favourite of the bags we make.

We wanted a shoulder bag that was almost bomb proof, one that would carry a laptop and all the other goodies that we need in our modern life. It had to be functional handsome too, a bag that would last a lifetime.
  • A courier style, shoulder bag with covering flap.
  • Constructed from 17 oz reinforced canvas.australian-mae-logo.gif
  • Stylish and robust.
  • Fits a laptop (420mm at the top opening and 300mm at the base).
  • Internal security pockets and key clip.
  • Angled shoulder strap for comfort.
  • Adjust it so that the weight of it is just felt by the rider.
  • Use it every day not just on the bike.
  • A broad flap covers the main compartment and keeps a remarkable amount of rain out.
  • A rugged 2 inch side release clip allows you to hang a helmet on the shoulder strap, slip it through the back of a chair or take it off without slipping it over the head.
  • A good shoulder bag allows you to get off the bike and just walk away, no unstrapping gear or looking for a place to stash valuables. Helps isolate delicate electronic equipment from vibration.

Adjust our bags so that they sit on the pillion seat with the majority of the weight taken by the seat. There should be just enough to 'feel' the bag and not have it weighing heavily on the shoulder. The Bucket Bag will then stay put.

We are being smashed with orders at present, it will take a while to make yours, allow four weeks, sorry.

CS12 17oz ripstip Aussie canvas with black nylon and Aussie oilskin trim
0 - 8 litres

”A rugged and versatile, courier style bag that will probably outlast you.” — Andy

 We wanted a shoulder bag that was more or less bomb proof, a bag that would carry a laptop and all the other goodies we need in our modern life, but designed in a way that it didn’t weigh heavily on the rider’s shoulder. It had to be but it had to be handsome, with no trendy curves or colours, and it had to be a bag that would last a lifetime.

At 420mm across the top, it’s wide enough for even the clunkiest of old laptops and our innovative strap system means the majority of the weight is carried on the seat, not your shoulder. The thoughtfully placed side-mounted release clip means you’re not turning yourself inside out trying to get it on or take it off while you’re geared up, too.

User Reviews

  • Toughest bag on the planet

    I've had my Andystrapz Bucket Bag for around three years now and it never ceases to amaze me. I have had it as a companion coast to coast in the USA, its been with me in Bali and Thailand, it has kept me company across most of Europe and most recently it has been my friend travelling on clapped out Royal Enfields in Northern India. I've had the bag in humid sea level conditions and it has also been well above 5000 metres in freezing cold sleet. Much of the time the bag has had to suffer the indignity of being jammed under an aircraft seat with my big feet all over it on long haul flights then it comes with me on whatever adventure is next. My bag has lived in 5 star comfort as well as being subjected to some of the harshest conditions possible including snow, sleet, rain, hail and blistering sun. All this time, the bag has kept my gear bone dry and incredibly, dust free (I still don't know how it does this). Sure, the bag is showing signs of wear - I'd be disappointed if it didn't but it is still as good as it ever was. I've found it to be really comfortable to wear both on and off the bikes. Really, although this sounds crazy, the bag has become a bit like a reliable mate - totally dependable. For its price I reckon its super good value and I'd highly recommend this most excellent product.

    4 years ago
  • Laurie Faen

    Hi Andy, I've been using your courier bag almost every day for a few years and I just wanted to tell you how good it is. Best shoulder bag I've owned, and I've had a few! Sits well and has held up to lots of use and abuse. Good work Cheers

    4 years ago

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