EVS Protection Collar Adult

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Protect your C Spine with this race collar

Neck protection for all riders

Any one who has been near an Emergency Department after even a minor spill on a motorcycle will know that neck injuries are anticipated and ruled out. Most get a collar by the Paramedics or at Triage.

I always thought the wearing what looks like horse neck harness would be bloody awful. Geez I'm good at wrong!

I wore it for two long and hard days and hardly noticed it was there, amazingly easy to live with. It really did blow me away!

The opening and closing system made it easy to put on and take off.

It's light and perfectly contoured. At no stage did it interfere with turning my head or flexing my neck. Adjustment for my chest shape was easy and quick. My hydration back pack could be put on before or after the collar. It'll be part of my adventure riding kit from now on.

In a word impressed.


Youth for those under 5'3" 164cm. Adult for the rest.
Hard shell top, hi tensil PU foam core. Bio foam lower liner. Rear axial load absorber "tail"
Positive rapid lock clip and hook n loop
For broad or narrow chests via adjustable rear strut. Stretch, 3 way chest restraint straps.

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