Held Hip Protectors (pair)

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Brand: held
Condition Andy Strapz Tested



Hip pads for Held Pants


Innovative Smart Armour hip pads with honeycomb design fit well and are very unobtrusive.

Smart armour moves and flexes with you but instantly goes hard on impact then relaxes to its prior state immediately afterwards.

These pads look after my delicate hips.

SAS-TEC Armour is an innovative producer of protectors (body armour) with many years of experience in this sector
A Market leading brand. CE-approved, soft and comfortable with extraordinary dampening values.

Unlike most protectors, SaS-Tec items are not developed to deal solely with heavy impacts. As well as offering excellent protection in these kind of accidents, SaS-Tec protectors ensure that, even in the case of a low kinetic energy impact, the damaging forces are still effectively damped

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