Liqui Moly Visor Clean

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Liqui Moly Visor Clean

Top notch visor cleaner and anti fog.

Preserves and cleans helmets and visors.

Active anti-misting for plastic visors and glass surfaces.

The product has a lasting effect.

Removes dirt, insects, oil and silicone layers.

For a clear view and increased safety.

100 ml spray bottle.


Test visor to be cleaned for compatibility.

Dirt and insects Spray fluid onto surface, allow it to take effectand remove with a damp cloth or sponge.

Anti-misting Spray onto surface and allow to dry

I use a scrap of T Shirt or a microfibre cloth.

User Reviews

  • Andy

    Like all the gear listed on the website I use this stuff. It's easy to use and polishes back nicely without smudging. Better than an aerosol pack as it won't let go in a bag.

    1 year ago

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