Smart Net

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
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The Cargo Net gets a work over

Imagine breeding Smart Strapz with a cargo net.

With pictures of big Arnie, the Terminator jumping a Harley in my mind, I set to developing Smart Net.

Ok, maybe I'm getting a little grandiose.The idea was to create a self adjusting multi fit stretch net to almost anything anywhere.

I reckon we've done ok.

  • Pulled in any direction it adjusts
  • Four versatile, easy fit, adjustable attachment straps
  • Opens on any of 4 corners for easy access.
  • Quickly slip extra gear under it while fitted
  • Two independant loops of 4mm bungee cord


User Reviews

  • Smart Net - Works!

    I've put in an order for another smart net shortly (they are just brilliant). Carried a soft bag 6000+ miles in the US & Canada recently and so easy to get on/off the bike at start/end of day. "Loaned" mine to my son and no chance of getting it back, I'd say.

    1 year ago
  • So simple, so good

    With the net I strapped Andy's double ended dry bag to a bike in the US and did 8000 plus km including some 140kph on interstates. It just didn't move! Such a simple loop and clip arrangement to tie it on. The work of literally a few seconds to get it on and off the bike, ideal after long days in the saddle and for getting moving quickly in the morning. A worthy addition to my collection of Strapz, AA Bags, Rain Off gloves (they work superbly!) and various bags. This is seriously good gear at very reasonable prices.

    2 years ago

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