Pillion Beltz Regular

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia


A belt that fits over the rider's clothing to provide handles for the passenger.

A soft belt that sits on the rider's waist with a handle on each hip.

  • The motorcycle passenger has a pair of comfortable loop handles at the rider's waist.
  • Won't flap about or scratch the tank.
  • Improves the 'connection' between the rider and pillion for increased security and comfort.
  • Great for bikes with no grab rail, kids, Sports bikes or new pillions.
  • At last your reluctant pillion will go on the back of the R1 without fear of falling off the back..

australian-mae-logo.gifTwo sizes:

Regular for waist sizes up to 36 inches: Large for the others.

Warning this is not a safety device!

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