Waterproof Terra Evo Adventure Riding Boots

Forma Terra have been my go-to Adventure boot for the last three years.

Evolution not revolution is what makes great gear.

By adding more lateral ankle stiffness via the FCS® Ankle Support System this great boots is now better.

I've found them to have the same great fit as the Terra they replace. The ankle mechanism adds some lateral/medial (sideways) stiffness without interfering with function and comfort. Like all of these mechanical stiffeners there is a little squeak to it when walking but only minor and not annoying like some of the competitors.


  • CE® level protection and quality.
  • Oiled Full-Grain leather upper.
  • FCS® Ankle Support System.
  • DRYTEX® waterproof breathable.
  • Adventure anti-slip sole.
  • Mid-sole with metal shank.
  • External molded protection.
  • Shin and ankle TPU protection.
  • VELCRO® collar closure.
  • Unbreakable Alloy buckles.
  • Extra soft polymer padding.
  • Anti-bacterial replaceable insole.
  • Stainless steel toe caps, fit them if you like.
  • Suitable for men and women.
  • High Quality - 100% European made.
  • Sizes 38 to 49 EU

1 year warranty

We stock Brown but will arrange Black if you want them.

Please note, due to COVID supply is really patchy at present. Pre-order now.

email for current stock

No need to worry,

A return sticker will be in the box with your new boots. Simply drop them in at a local post office with a note inside to clearly indicate what size you need.

We'll exchange them, seriously!
(sorry Australia only)

Please note that this service is offered once (one free return and exchange at my cost), I am happy to exchange as many times as you like after this but you will need to pay those costs.

Sizing is simple.
Convert your UK size to Euro size and go up one.

For example

I'm a size 8, that's 42 so I wear 43 EU. We'll offer a free return (return as many times as you like but you pay for it after the first one).

Click here for more sizing info

You can care for your boots by cleaning them with a soft brush and mild soapy water. Please refrain from using a pressure washer as this will damage the boot’s stitching and materials.

Heavy waterproofing products or waxes can block the stitching lines which allow the boots to breath and dry naturally. Any lightweight water-based leather conditioning product is ok to apply from time to time. We don't recommend oil based leather products as they soften the leather too much and can cause bonded soles to separate from the leather.

Sharp toe nails will cut through the waterproof liner, especially when shifting gears. It’s best to replace any threadbare socks and keep your toe nails short and filed before riding.

Intense heat from open fires or heaters will damage your boots. Riders who attempt to rapidly dry their boots run the risk of releasing the boot's assembly glue or the adhesive tape that seals the WP liner. Always dry your boots a good distance away from an open fire or heater, especially if drying for an extended period of time.

Do not store your boots long term in gear bags or high humidity environments. Boots that are not allowed to dry fully will rot stitching and materials in storage.


12 Months WARRANTY
You are welcome to contact us if you suspect that your Forma boots may be faulty. If the age of your boots falls within certain guidelines, they will be inspected, and if deemed to be faulty by manufacturing or material defect, Forma will very quickly organise a repair or replacement.

Note, we can only process claims for Forma boots purchased in Australia.
Proof of purchase must to be supplied, there are no exceptions.
It is the customers responsibility to return the boots to the address below.
Our standard warranty period is 12 months from date of purchase, and covers faulty workmanship and defects.

Warranty is restricted to 3 months where the boots are used for commercial purposes (eg; motorcycle couriers). And 3 months warranty for boots used in high humidity areas. A high humidity environment can degrade the best glues and plastics, and this type of failure is not considered a manufacturing or design issue.

Boots used for racing or used in a racing environment do not qualify for warranty. Sole wear or delamination, or Velcro and simple stitching issues are considered to be wear and tear and not covered under the warranty. Most soles can be replaced or re-bonded, and most stitching and Velcro can be repaired.

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