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Expansion Pak and A Bag Combo

expansion-pack_abag.jpg A-Bag-and-Exp-HD.jpg Expansion-Pack-1.jpg a-bag-oil-675.jpg a-bag-and-expansion-pack.jpg aoil_monster.jpg 4bf507a07889ea-bagz-and-expansion-pakz[1].jpg expansion-pak-loop-finger.jpg

A combination of our A Bag and a 10 litre "under bag" that makes for a flexible luggage system.

Fit the Expansion Pak beneath an A Bag or AA Bag it is exactly the same 'footprint' or maybe that should be bagprint as the A Bagz main compartment...

The Expansion Pak is stiffened just like the bag they sit below, and zippered on each end.Simply thread the straps that secure the A Bagz to the bike through the loops on the Expansion Pakz and 'Bob's yer mother's brother!

Secure and neat.Copy (6) of Australian-Made-Logo.gif

If it's not needed when you leave home pop it in the bag (A Bagz only it in the A Bag) or strap it to the outside with the bag's tiedown straps.

We have had success with the combination of A Bagz Expansion Pakz and AA Bagz on top, it makes a very neat package. In fact it is my preferred option/combination.

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What's in the box?

1 x A Bag

1 x Expansion Pak

1 x Loopz for a perfect fit.

When you buy this package we knock $20 off the Expansion Pak.

New Zealand-made Acetel nylon weight-rated release clips.
High quality, Australian-made webbing with reflective weave. Reinforced at all attachment points.
Tough 600-denier Cordura with waterproof backing or Fortress Oilskin. All seams double-stitched and reinforced internally with cloth tape and protected externally with tough vinyl piping
Cordura or Fortress Oilskin, Expasion Pack to add 10litres extra capacity.
Handmade in-house from exclusive one-piece pattern which minimises needle penetration and improves durability
Robust self-repairing #10 chain-type
Bonded internal membrane, angled compartments, storm flap, covered zippers.
Four nylon rods (1x front, 2x base, 1x rear on A Bag, 2 on Expansion Pak) means a sturdy, self-supporting outer shell
1.2 kg
Total 40 litres
Length 700mm (handle bar width on most bikes. Width 270. Height 370mm with both bags together.
Cordura or Fortress Oilskin.

User Reviews

  • A bag and expansion pak

    Bought one of these a while back for use on my Ultra Limited. It's a great fit on the rack, the straps extremely easy to use and holds heaps. With the adjustable straps for the top cover finding somewhere to store wet weather gear or an additional jumper or such is too easy. Well done with this design Andy.

    1 year ago

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