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Grip Puppies handgrip comfort sleeve

Grip Puppy, a soft, squeezable handle bar grip cover

Slips over your existing grip to increase comfort and reduce fatigue.

I have no idea why they got this name.Andystrapz-approved-logo.gif

  • No more pins-and-needles caused by vibrations
  • Made from UV, ozone and oxidation-resistant foam
  • Compatible with all standard and heated grips, yes heated grip work fine through them.
  • Imported exclusively by Andy (Strapz) Thingz

Many bikes have really skinny and hard grips, they can be a bugger to hang onto all day. Not only do Grip Puppies make the grips bigger and more comfortable but as the material is err... grippy, you don't have to hold on so tight.

Stuffed grips, not roadworthy? Give Grip Puppies a whirl.

Now available

              Big Paw, oversize for 1.45" to 1.65" diameter grips on

              big cruisers and the like.

Packed in pairs

“Anything that allows me to stay more alert and more comfortable on the bike for longer can only be a good thing.” — Andy

Grip Puppies are soft foam covers which slip over your existing rubber grips. They’re rock solid when they’re fitted and they’re a really simple solution to reducing vibrations and the fatigue it causes when on the bike.

They do feel soft and comfy but be aware that they increase the diameter of the grips slightly and might take a little bit of time to get used to. Having said that, I find that I didn’t grip the bars as tightly which made me more relaxed at the controls — and that makes a big difference on long trips. Simple to install, just apply a little soapy water to the inside of the Grip Puppies before you slide them over your existing grips and give them enough time to dry before you ride.

They should also be viewed like tyres, expect them to wear them out. As a rough guide, expect to go through one set of Grip Puppies for every two sets of rim protectors.

User Reviews

  • Neil Wilson

    Grip puppies, GS 650 Sertao, riding has become enjoyable again, easy fit, excellent feel and no more aching or numb hands after hours spent on the trails, still doesn't stop sphincter moments on gnarly, erosion mound, near vertical descents in the wet, but hey, that could just be me...........thanks Andy

    1 month ago
  • Rick Harrison

    Gidday Andy!! Thanks for your speedy delivery of my order for your ACE Grip Puppies. Mate, the world is full of whingers, but I thought you should get a straight-up big thanks for retailing an excellent product, that out-performs its own modest claims. I bought my original Grip Puppies from you in 2012 and they have seen 10s of thousands of klicks of riding, both town 'n' country, out on tour to places like 3 weeks in Lightning Ridge, weeks in FN Qld, and plenty of lesser running about. They fit perfectly as instructed, trimmed, soapy water only, and pushed on over my heated grips, and have done sterling duty for 8 yrs. Today, I received my new set (2 days from order to my self! record setting!!) and installed in the same fuss-free manner as before. Bloody fantastic. Thanks Andy, excellent product, and excellent service. You're the man! Cheers Rick Harrison

    4 months ago
  • money well spent

    Fitted to my speed twin as the bars felt really small, wow what a difference, Easy to fit just use dish washing liquid.

    7 months ago
  • Dirky

    Great things - stopped my right hand going numb - buying another set for my other bike.

    2 years ago
  • Top stuff

    Installed them on the chief's Ducati and she loves them. Easier and softer to grip and eliminates vibration.

    3 years ago

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