Scoota Bagz Black 'N' Tan Nylon and Oilskin

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
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A small courier style, shoulder bag.

A small courier style, shoulder bag with an external flap. A very neat size to carry on the bike.

* Constructed from 1000-denier (jargon for bloody tough) Korda nylon with waterproof backing and brown oil-less oilskin, a combination of both!

* Designed to fit an A4 file.

* Functional and handsome enough for everyday use.

* Features two external pockets with dividers under the front flap and inside the bag.

* Rear-mounted handle makes it a great option for scooter riders.

* Angled shoulder strap for optimal comfort.

* Rugged two-inch side-mounted release clip for helmet-on removal.

Australian Made

Robust 1000-denier Korda nylon or Fortress oil-free oilskin or a combination of both!
Handmade in-house to our extremely high standards
New Zealand-made Acetel nylon weight-rated release clips.
High quality, Australian-made two-inch wide webbing. Reinforced at all contact points
320 x 250 x 110cm
6 litres
5 Year against faulty materials or construction. Excludes wear and tear.

A neat little shoulder bag replacing the old gas-mask bag many bikers buy from Army disposals stores.

This shoulder bag has proved to be remarkably popular over the years, it’s just-right size making it the perfect little go-to bag for all sorts of riders. While it’s always been available in the innovative Aussie designed oil-less oilskin fabric (where the magic is impregnated into the fabric instead on top of it) as well as the tough-as-nails 1000-denier black Kodra nylon option, my latest innovation is to combine the two fabrics to make Scoota Bagz that are more durable and even better looking.

The front flap, rear panel and side pockets are still oilskin, but second layer front panel and the bag’s band which cops the most scuffing and is the most vulnerable is now tough Korda nylon. The result is what I’m calling Black ’n’ Tan and it’s all part of our philosophy of consistently trying to improve my products.

User Reviews

  • Another satisfied customer, great products

    Comment Andy, I have just purchased my third wearable bag, I have had the bucket bag and shoulder bag, they have served me for well over 10 years, the bucket bag is now showing her age and I have pensioned her off, I have just received the scooter bag. It is made to the same heigh standard of the others and feels great over the shoulder. Just a message to say thanks for supplying awesome products

    1 year ago
  • About to get my third

    I use mine just about every day and not just on the bike. I get 2 to 2 1/2 years wear and they go everywhere. Just about to order my third one. Very happy with them.

    2 years ago
  • Bloody neat little bag

    Nature abhors a vacuum, and so it is with bags, the bigger they are the more shite you stuff in them. I bought this bag for a 10 day run around Tas, just to keep phone, bits and pieces in. Great bag, I use it everyday on or off the bike. I have several messenger type bags all larger than this, but this has proven to be the perfect size. Andy

    2 years ago
  • Devon Campbell

    I have just purchased one of these bags and cannot recommend Andy Strapz enough on the quality of the bag and the very high standard of service. A credit to you Andy and your company, Regards Dev.

    3 years ago
  • Marcus Braddon

    I have had one of these bags for what seems like for ever. I was fortunate enough to meet Andy( fantastic guy incidentally) and his cohorts at a bike show one year so long ago I can't even remember where. His story was fascinating and his products innovative and pure quality. A Scoota Bag purchase ensued and the love affair started strange as that may seem.. This bag has travelled absolutely everywhere with me and i mean everywhere. Planes,trains,automobiles and of course bikes. I have used it flawlessly every day and it never leaves my side. I always get asked where I have bought it from by complete "man bag" fanatics!! It's about to be semi retired to my dog walking bag and i'm looking forward to the arrival of my new one. If you are in the market for a product that not only looks good but will never let you down as Molly Meldrum would say "do yourself a favour" and purchase one. You won't be disappointed.

    4 years ago

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