Sholda Bagz Black 'N' Tan Brown

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Brand: Andy Strapz
Condition Made in Australia
Ships: We are currently being smashed with orders and can't keep up. There will be a four week wait for us to make yours.



A tough, stylish and comfortable biker's bag.

Stylish, durable Australian Made courier style Man (and Woman) Shoulder Bag

Oilskin and heavy duty Nylon shoulder bag


No more jamming stuff down the front of your jacket or wrestling with a backpack. No more groping around in a black hole, it opens wide and holds a helmet.

A tough shoulder bag that works perfectly for motorcyclists. Adjust the shoulder strap to sit the bag neatly on the seat behind the rider to take almost all the weight. It will then sit neatly and not slide around too much.

  • Side and front pockets for sunnies, phone and water bottle.australian-mae-logo.gif
  • Take your valuables with you every time you get off the bike.
  • Great for everyday use.
  • High quality webbing, clips and fabrics.
  • The body size is that of an LP… remember them? We offer them in "Black n Tan" combination brown Fortress oilskin and black 1000 denier (jargon for real tough) Kodra nylon.
  • Features three external pockets, a key clip internally and a broad two inch shoulder strap with a rugged side release clip.
  • Sholda Bagz will (just for your reference, of course) fit two six packs side by side or a full face helmet. Dimensions are roughly 330mm x 340mm x 150mm.
  • Try undoing the contoured side release clip and mount it on the rack or sissy bar. I like to thread it through the back of a chair to prevent it getting ripped off at a cafe or bar.
  • Set the shoulder strap to allow most of the weight to settle on the seat behind you to take the stress off your shoulder.

 A versatile and stylish carry bag that you will not be able to live without.

We are being smashed with orders at present, it will take a while to get yours made, allow four weeks, sorry.

To tell the honest truth this wasn’t an entirely original design. We found a 60’s record industry reps bag in an op (charity) shop nearly 20 years ago and adapted it to what became the Sholda Bag.

I'm always trying to improve my designs.

The latest innovation is to combine two of my favourite fabrics. I think it makes them a lot more stylish and even more durable. The result is Black 'n' Tan. The front, rear panel and side pockets are still oilskin. The band is tough 1000 denier black Nylon Kodra. The band or spine is where the bag takes the most scuffing and is the most vulnerable.

The new fabric is called Fortress. Sort of an oil-less oilskin. It's a microporous, hydrophobic, breathable and washable fabric developed in Australia to meet the challenges of our harsh climate. Fortress is impregnated into the fabric not on top like traditional oilskin.

User Reviews

  • Mark Scott

    Thanks for the quick delivery of my new bag. The black and tan does look good. However, it needs breaking in, it looks too new. This will be my fourth sholda bag, each lasting 3 or 4 years used every day. These bags are the perfect size for everyday use, can fit a small laptop, or wet weather gear and lunch on a day ride. Slacken the strap so it sits on the seat behind you, and you don't know its there. Get off the bike, and everything comes with you. So, out with the old bag, in with the new one.

    4 years ago

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